‘We create value through delivering professional advice on company sales, acquisition searches, exit planning and valuations. Our tailored services and strategic insights focus on maximising value at exit or acquisition and ensuring a smooth transition for both vendor and purchaser’

The Expert Business Professional Services division comprises a team of experienced advisory specialists who partner with businesses and their advisors to deliver professional Valuation & Transaction advisory services. Among our partners is the ghostwriting preise, a dedicated assistant in crafting academic business papers, enhancing our client’s ability to effectively communicate complex business transactions and valuations. This collaboration ensures our advisory services are not only comprehensive but also impeccably tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

These include but are not limited to strategically planning and executing successful business sales and acquisitions, business brokerage, valuations, and specialist business advisory services. Our services are specifically tailored to established Australian Small to Medium Enterprise businesses (SMEs) valued between $1M-$20M to achieve their desired outcomes. 


Selling a Business

We offer highly reputable business brokerage services backed by years of industry experience in selling a wide variety of business types. Our business brokerage services provide a holistic solution for undertaking the sale of your business.

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Our business brokerage offerings encompass a comprehensive approach to managing the sale of your business. This includes:


  • Pre-sale advice, valuation and value maximisation strategies 
  • Preparation of all sales documents, including confidential information, memorandums, confidential summaries and advertising copy
  • Compilation of buyer lists 
  • Execution of confidential, strategic marketing campaigns
  • Qualification of all interested parties
  • Arranging and completing presentations to prospective acquirers
  • Negotiation of all offers
  • Due diligence coordination and advice
  • Managing contract preparation, negotiation and settlement
Business & Company Valuations

Our team of expert valuation specialists approaches the unique requirements of each client with a meticulous and comprehensive examination of the business. This approach is underpinned by extensive research, practical considerations, and a deep understanding of valuation methodologies, including the market method.

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Expert Business provides comprehensive market evaluations of business assets and goodwill for various critical purposes:

  • Transactions: Facilitating activities such as sales, capital raising, or the integration of a new partner.
  • Partnership Dynamics: Assisting with partnership dissolutions, disputes, buy-outs, and resolving shareholder or business partner conflicts.
  • Business Benchmarking: Evaluating business performance against a business plan or aiding strategic decisions like planning acquisitions or disposals.
  • Marital and Legal Affairs: Supporting marriage breakdowns, property settlements, and divorce proceedings.
  • Litigations and Compensation: Addressing legal disputes, property resumptions, and compensation claims.
  • Succession and Estate Planning: Aiding in succession planning and managing deceased estates.
  • Valuation for Transactions: Determining the proper value in business buying or selling scenarios.
  • Taxation and Restructuring: Serving tax-related needs in business restructuring or issuing employee incentives.

Advisory Team Support: Our advisory services are supported and underpinned by our expert valuation team from our dedicated valuation practice, Expert Business Valuations. For more information about our services and how we can assist you, please click here to visit our business site.

Succession & Exit Planning

We offer a strategic exit planning process that not only provides you with an outsider’s view of your business but also highlights the areas for improvement to maximise your return upon sale.

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Succession Planning- Our succession planning offerings span typically from one to five years, aimed at minimising business interruption risks, orchestrating a well-defined handover strategy, maintaining key personnel, and boosting operational efficiency.

These services are crafted to support business proprietors in preparing for a smooth transition of leadership and ownership, ensuring sustained operations and stability as they move towards retirement or reduce their active involvement.


Benefits of Succession Planning :

Clients utilising our succession planning solutions can anticipate:

  • An optimistic outlook for the future.
  • Retention of high-achieving employees.
  • Improved revenue and profit margins throughout the changeover period.
  • Successful realisation of the business owner’s visions for retirement.

Exit Planning- Understanding your business from an objective standpoint is crucial, and that’s where our exit planning services come into play. In collaboration with our professional partners, we offer a strategic exit planning process that not only provides you with an outsider’s view of your business but also highlights the areas for improvement to maximise your return upon sale.


Benefits of Exit Planning:

Clients utilising our Exit planning solutions can anticipate:

  • Identification of value gaps and transferability obstacles. > Pinpointing starting points for value enhancement.
  • Establishment of clear priorities, strategies, and timeframes. → Setting clear priorities, strategies, and timelines for improvement.
  • Enhancement of your company’s attractiveness to potential buyers. → Making your company more appealing to potential buyers.
  • Increase in overall value for all shareholders. → Ensuring the highest possible return on sale.
  • Smoother management transition processes. → Facilitating a seamless change in leadership.
  • Minimisation of risks and prevention of costly mistakes. → Reducing uncertainties and potential hurdles & Navigating away from common pitfalls in the selling process.

‘Exit planning reinvigorates your passion for the business and imbues your daily work with greater purpose while ensuring peace of mind through a well-orchestrated strategic exit’

Merger & Acquisition Advisory

We can help locate and purchase suitable merger or acquisition opportunities to strategically build your business.

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Our firm specialises in streamlined buy-side M&A strategies, leveraging deep industry expertise and a comprehensive network to identify and execute seamless acquisitions. By employing targeted buyer searches and utilising our extensive database of trade buyers, we ensure a strategic fit for our clients aiming for growth through acquisition.

We offer tailored advisory services for each phase of the acquisition process, from initial valuation and negotiation to the final transition, focusing on minimising risks and avoiding common pitfalls. 

Our approach is designed for clients seeking to expand efficiently in today’s uncertain economic environment, helping them to identify the right opportunities and negotiate favourable terms.

Our services are especially beneficial for clients looking to acquire a specific business or interest, providing customised advice and support for scoping potential targets and managing the complexities of the acquisition process. We ensure a focused, strategic approach, aiding clients in achieving successful outcomes without the commitment of traditional long-term engagements.

Due Diligence

Our independent due diligence services are commercial and practical in nature, and complement the advice provided by our clients’ legal and taxation advisors.Specialist Advisory services. We offer financial analysis and risk management reviews to prepare due diligence reports for shareholders, investors, business owners, boards and management to assist with decision-making.

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Leveraging our extensive experience in business sales and acquisitions, we offer deep insights into the commercial factors and potential pitfalls of business investments. This experience informs our due diligence services, allowing us to offer valuable advice. We deliver straightforward, actionable insights on the viability of a potential business acquisition, evaluating if the investment is sound from a commercial perspective and suggesting an appropriate price and terms to mitigate identified business risks.

Our due diligence process effectively outlines:

  • The commercial viability of acquiring a particular business.
  • The potential risks involved in the transaction.
  • Strategies to finalise the acquisition while managing and reducing risks.

Expert Business is recognised for providing clear and practical advice on risk management. The majority of our due diligence clientele comes through referrals from accountants, attorneys, and other professionals.

Specialist Advisory Services

We act as consultants for business sale and acquisition transaction matters, either in a project management capacity or on an ad-hoc basis.

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Our team offers targeted consultancy in business sales, acquisitions, and corporate capital raising, tailored for clients requiring specialised assistance or project management. We excel in providing strategic advice for transactions, especially for business owners approached for sale or considering divestiture to employees or third parties.

Our flexible service model allows clients to outsource specific transaction components, gaining access to our expertise without the commitment to a full-service engagement. This approach is cost-effective and tailored to each client’s unique situation, ensuring professional advice is provided where it’s most impactful.

Our advisory services cater to both sides of business transactions, providing invaluable insights and guidance, particularly in scenarios where clients are navigating potential sales or acquisitions. By leveraging our extensive experience and professional network, we aim to deliver outcomes that align with our client’s strategic and financial objectives.

  • Corporate Advisory for Capital Raising: We assist businesses in securing the growth capital needed to meet and meet their expansion objectives.
  • Strategy Formulation: Develop equity strategies and investor targeting based on the business valuation, formulating an investment proposition and outlining investor exit strategies.
  • Market Approach & Materials Preparation: Create investment materials, ensure regulatory compliance, and develop targeted investor outreach plans.
  • Negotiation & Deal Structuring: Manage investor discussions, negotiate investment terms, and finalise legal documentation, aligning with the client’s capital-raising objectives.
  • Closing & Post-Investment Support: Facilitate deal closure, integrate new capital, and provide ongoing advisory and investor relationship management.

Strategic Consulting- We offer expert guidance on strategies to safeguard your business’s intellectual property and the business itself during transactions. This includes managing communications with intermediaries, stakeholders, advisors, staff, and other relevant parties involved. Additionally, we provide advice on the suitable documents to present or request as part of the due diligence process, along with other pertinent issues that may arise.

Our Team

Our team comprises Registered Business Valuers, Registered Business Brokers and Chartered Accountants, bringing together a wealth of experience and expertise. Our advisory services are enhanced by this practical background and technical thoroughness.

Our team is well-equipped to represent both sellers and acquirers, handling all aspects and specific components of business transactions.

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